Solid Broadheads

Legend 100 Grain Broadhead (Pack of 3)

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Solid Broadheads don't just cut - they devastate. Combining decades of cutting know-how with high-tech engineering results in an incredibly performing high-end broadhead. 

Solid's are designed from the ground up to be the ultimate in performance. The devastation begins with a cut-on-contact tip and curved, samurai-style main blades. Bleeder blades (your choice of 1/2" or 3/4") work together to bust through bone. Slice wide channels through vitals. Simply put: they destroy anything they contact. 


Weight: 100 grain with either standard or Deep Six threads (only for Easton Injexion arrows or Deep Six inserts)
Cutting Diameter:

1 1/8" main blade with 1/2" bleeder blade

Total cut: 1 5/8"

1 1/8" main blade with 3/4" bleeder blade

Total cut: 1 7/8"


Main Blade: S30V steel hardened to 59 HRC
Ferrule and Bleeder Blade: J2 420 stainless steel

Blade Thickness:

Main Blade: 0.062"
Bleeder Blade: 0.040"

Blade Angle:

20-degrees for maximum sharpness and edge retention

Razor Sharp:

Every Solid Broadhead is leather stropped to remove every burr and ensure an edge that's beyond razor sharp


Cut-on-Contact tip
Samurai-style curved blades
Bleeder Blades reinforce the Main Blade

Spin Tested:

Every Solid is spin-tested to ensure excellent flight