Solid Broadheads

Legend 125 Grain Broadhead (Pack of 3)

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It's simple: if you can't hit it, you can't kill it. Arrow flight is the lynchpin of the Solid Broadhead system. Ultimately, broadhead flight comes down to two things: aerodynamics and spin (something our engineers call concentricity). Solid Broadheads deliver the best of both of these worlds. Solid's are designed from the ground up with tolerances that make sure your arrow flies true. Every time.

Shot after shot - harvest after harvest - Solid Broadheads stand up to the punishing hunt and stay razor sharp. In-house spin testing make sure that every broadhead is ready to fly the moment you screw it on your arrow. Don't trust your hunt to some big box brand - depend on Made in America quality at the moment of truth. 


Weight: 125 grain with standard threads
Cutting Diameter:

1 3/8" main blade with 1/2" bleeder blade

Total cut: 1 7/8"

1 3/8" main blade with 3/4" bleeder blade

Total cut: 2 1/8"


Main Blade: S30V steel hardened to 59 HRC
Ferrule and Bleeder Blade: J2 420 stainless steel

Blade Thickness:

Main Blade: 0.062"
Bleeder Blade: 0.040"

Blade Angle:

20-degrees for maximum sharpness and edge retention

Razor Sharp:

Every Solid Broadhead is leather stropped to remove every burr and ensure an edge that's beyond razor sharp


Cut-on-Contact tip
Samurai-style curved blades
Bleeder Blades reinforce the Main Blade

Spin Tested:

Every Solid is spin-tested to ensure excellent flight