I've had 2 packs of 100 grain Solid Legends for the past 5 years. They fly perfectly, and are SUPER sharp. I had 1 blade get a nasty nick in it when I shot an animal and it went clear through and hit a rock on the ground on the other side. I used a little jig sharpener and cleaned it right up. My buddies all shoot Rage heads and after shooting an animal they throw their head away. When I shoot an animal, I rinse the blood off, and usually just stick it back in my quiver. I've got about $150 invested in these broad heads, and after 5 years that's $30 a year. All my buddies shooting other heads spend $60+ a year on disposable heads. Perhaps if I was in an area where I was prone to loose them it would be difficult to stomach, but in 5 years and 15 or so shots, I've only ever lost 1. I think when it comes to reliability, and total cost per season.... Solid's are actually a wise investment.